The World Running League (WRL) is a worldwide running association that offers a fun and exciting way to motivate individuals globally to participate in running activities throughout the year.

Running, especially when running as part of a team or in a running race, has been shown to be a great way to stay in shape, improve health, purpose and increase personal relationships and friendships.

The league is open to adult runners and offers ways to stay interested and engaged in running activities, meeting other runners and teams.

The WRL uses a simple format to track distances completed as members finish and submit results from running events in an easy to use running log.

Simply put, the WRL is an annual league that anyone can join with a tracker by ten year age group as members add miles they run during running events each year.

Explore the following pages to learn more about the league & we hope you will join the movement!

Athletes participating in the WRL do so at their own initiative and anyone starting a running or athletic endeavor should consult their doctor or other medical staff before beginning, changing or in process of any athletic activity.

The WRL is not responsible for any issues participating to the participation, actions or issues of others.

Any athletic activity can be dangerous and all risk is borne by the athlete to undergo such activity.