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Press Releases

November 13, 2017:
The World Running League 5k Trail Championship

"The World Running League is well underway for the 2017 inaugural season and the first championship event, the 'Fill the Sleigh 5k & Team Challenge' is making preparations for a memorable event on Saturday, December 16, 2017 in Gibsonville, North Carolina at Northeast Guilford Park.  This event will feature a substantial challenge as a championship-level trail race that will feature a holiday-inspired theme and competitive trail conditions.  The weather should be favorable for fast running due to the cool temperatures and conditions.   This will be the first of many annual championship events for trail, road, beach, mountain and perhaps other running events each year."

July 1, 2017: 
The World Running League begins 2017 Season!

"The World Running League has begun its 2017 season through December 31, 2017.  Runners around the world have the opportunity to join a competitively priced global league and enjoy running at their own time and pace while competing on their own distance goals as well as various running championship events.  Runners will track their number of miles completed via their smartphones, watches and other tracking devices and enter into the League tracker tool.  The league exists to promote healthy lifestyles, friendly competition among adults around the globe and as an alternative to expensive and far-away competions that many cannot attend."