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About the WRL


The World Running League (WRL) is an initiative to inspire individuals to live a healthy and active lifestyle through sport and availability of championship events that focus on adult participation.

Registering in the WRL enables runners to compete in the year-long series and has the following benefits:
  • Multiple WRL Championship events during each year (road, trail, etc)
  • Discounts off of championship WRL Running Events (paid member option)
  • Options for WRL Apparel & Gear (open to all visitors to the WRL store)
  • Easy to share information and inspire others via our social media pages
Athletes participating in the WRL do so at their own initiative and anyone starting a running or athletic endeavor should consult their doctor or other medical staff before beginning, changing or in process of any athletic activity.
The WRL is not responsible for any issues participating to the participation, actions or issues of others.
Any athletic activity can be dangerous and all risk is borne by the athlete to undergo such activity.